Artist's Statement

My first memory as an artist dates back to when I was three years old. I had been to an amusement park where seeing the Ferris Wheel lit up at night had filled me with awe. The next day I noted with amazement that the creases on the palm of my hand reflected the spokes and the curves of the Ferris Wheel. Using a blue pen I traced the Ferris Wheel I saw on my hand, adding lights and people, til the scene pulsed with the vibrancy of the the amusement park. With pride and excitement at my artistic achievement I ran to show my mother...who made me wash my hand.

Everything that was compelling to me about seeing and drawing the Ferris Wheel on my hand is still present in my art today: the excitement of creation; the allure of darkness and color; tension and movement; a sense of wonder, humor, play, and danger. Only now, nobody makes me wash my hands.


Lucinda Naylor earned her MFA in Painting from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her undergraduate degree is in Theater Arts from the University of Minnesota.  She has taught full-time at the university level and continues to teach occasionally through the continuing studies program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Lucinda Naylor was Artist in Residence at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1996-2010. Her residency ended with the DVD to ART project--a personal art project that ran afoul of the local archbishop. Other residencies of note include being Liturgical Artist in Residence at the College of St. Catherine in 2005 and Artist in Dig at a Neolithic archaeological site near Kilmartin, Scotland in 2006.

Naylor works both figuratively and abstractly in multiple media. Her artwork includes drawings, sculpture, paintings, prints, labyrinths, and large-scale installations. Her recent personal artwork has a lot to do with dogs, rocks, bronze, and film.

For information on commissioning, exhibiting, or purchasing my art, send an email to  Please!  No reproduction without the artist's permission.  Thank you!